About PCC group

Since 1982 we have been pushing the boundaries of roll metallurgy and rolling technology, solving challenges in Cast and Carbide rolls for rolling long products.
That quest encouraged us to develop new grades, returning higher tonnages and increased income for mills around the world.




Seeing opportunities since 1982

Now in challenging times, we’re going the extra distance to work simpler, smarter and more cost-effectively and continue to help shape the future of long products rolling mills around the world. In PCC, we believe our job is to turn them into opportunities. That’s why we’re looking for new ways to utilize our expertise and network in the rolling industry. We are exploring opportunities in new grades as well as driving innovation in cast and carbide rolls around the world. We know that the future must be low cost and production efficiency. Our ambition is to be the world’s most cost-efficient solution provider of cast and carbide rolls. We’re a company driven by solving tomorrow’s rolling challenges, today.


Dedicated long product roll solutions

Our cast and carbide rolls are essential tools used in the long product production of more than 60% of the global steel output of 1600 million tonnes around the world. Cast and Carbide rolls quite literally turn the wheels of steel mills. Our complete range of cast and carbide roll developments has placed us among the top long product roll providers.


Offering the most comprehensive product range

PCC offers the most comprehensive product range on the market. Regardless the shape of your rolled product, we have a complete rolling solution in Cast and Carbide rolls engineered for bar, wire rod, section and rail, and non-ferrous mills. With PCC’s extensive product range, you have a wide-ranging choice, tailored to your specific needs.


Providing more for less

Why should quality decrease with the price? It’s a simple fact – our competitors cannot match our cost effectiveness for the reliable products PCC offers, which includes a professional and supportive service. PCC operates on a unique model which allows us to offer superior quality in Cast and Carbide rolls with customised solutions at competitive pricing. As a specialist manufacturer of Cast and Carbide rolls, PCC offers cutting edge solutions specifically designed for your requirements.


Competence in Turnkey solutions

PCC offers “ready-to-roll” Cast and Carbide rolls to assist with turnkey projects. Our facilities are fully equipped with high precision equipment allowing our well trained and experienced staff to assist you with turnkey solutions.